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William Cash, born in Scotland c. 1653, emigrates to America c. 1670.

He dies in Virginia 1670.

His family stays in Virginia for 2 or 3 generations, and fight in the American War of Independence.

They eventually move to Georgia, where Moses Cash has a plantation, which is in time destroyed by Union troops during the American Civil war.

Moses moves to Arkansas.

One of his grandchildren was William Henry Cash who died in 1912.

His son was Ray Cash.

Ray marries Carrie Rivers. Their 3rd son was JR Cash.

1954 Arrives home from the US Air Force in Landsberg, Germany and marries Vivien Liberto, Aug 7th. They had met 3 weeks prior to his shipping overseas, corresponded almost daily and got engaged while he was away. Vivien was to be the mother of his daughters, Rosanne, Kathy, Tara and Cindy. 

Introduced in mid July to Marshall Grant and Luther Perkins by his older brother, Roy. Auditioned for Sam Phillips at Sun. Rosanne born May 24th. 

March 1955: Records Hey Porter, and later, Cry, Cry, Cry with Sam Phillips of Sun Studios in Memphis in May. In mid June, Marshall hears Hey Porter on the radio. Also in June, they record Folsom Prison Blues. The song was loosely based on another, Crescent City Blues, which brought some legal trouble when it became a huge hit in 1968. Johnny Cash had been christened JR, but the US Air Force recruiting office would not accept initials on their application form, so they told him to put down John. Perhaps the J and R came from his mother Carrie’s parents, John and Ruth.

When, with bass player Marshall Grant and guitarist Luther Perkins he went to Sun, as the Tennessee Three, Phillips called them John Cash and the Tennessee Two, as he fronted the band, and soon changed that to Johnny, as he felt it appealed more to a younger audience. 

December, 1955: "Folsom Prison Blues" (b/w "So Doggone Lonesome" by Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Two is released, coinciding with their "Louisiana Hayride" debut. It reaches #4 in the C&W charts, Johnny gets a second royalty check, this time for $6,000, his first one having being worth just over 2 dollars. 

January '56  Joins Louisiana Hayride, and later in July, makes first appearance at the Wyman Auditorium, better known as the Grand Ol' Opry. Meets June Carter and tells her he'd marry her someday.

April 1956: "I Walk the Line" b/w "Get Rhythm" by Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Two is released, reportedly a 2 million seller, hits #1 in the C&W charts and also gets into the top 20 pop charts. Kathy Cash born in April. The song had the working title, Because You’re Mine, but Carl Perkins on hearing it suggested it be called I Walk The Line. At a gig in Georgia, met Gordon Terry of the Faron Young band, who gave him some pills to overcome tiredness.

1957 Johnny Cash with His Hot and Blue Guitar Jan 19th, appears on Jackie Gleason Show. This year he makes his first appearance at the Town Hall Party where he meets with Don Law, A&R man for CBS. The two meet again soon after THP,  at the home of the Collins Kids . Signs with Columbia. 

early/mid-1958:  Still contracted to Sun, two more #1 C&W/top 20 pop Sun hit singles (with new producer Jack Clement) succeed in catching youth market: "Ballad of a Teenage Queen" (#1 C&W for 10 weeks) b/w "Big River"; "Guess Things Happen That Way" b/w "Come In Stranger." “Cowboy” Jack Clement had written both A sides. He also wrote the 2 ditties on the 1968  At Folsom album, Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart, and Egg Sucking Dog. Cindy Cash born July. Moved to California. 

What Do I Care / All Over Again  first hit record for new label, Columbia.

Sings the Songs That Made Him Famous  although now with Columbia, this album was released by Sun, who, even though the label changed hands in the late 60s, continued to release JC compilation albums.

January, 1959: "Don't Take Your Guns To Town" hits #1 C&W/top 40 pop, ignites string of western gunslinger tunes and quasi-historical sagas on Columbia by Johnny Horton ("Battle of New Orleans"), Marty Robbins ("El Paso"), Stonewall Jackson ("Waterloo"), and others. 

The Fabulous Johnny Cash 

Greatest! SUN

Songs of our Soil  

Sings Hank Williams  SUN

Hymns by Johnny Cash  

October, 1959: "The Rebel" TV series premiere starring Nick Adams, features "The Ballad of Johnny Yuma" theme sung by Johnny Cash (not issued as single until June, 1961); again ignites a new genre (Civil War songs), as Horton hits Top 10 C&W that month with "Johnny Reb" which was also recorded by his friend and fishing buddy, Johnny Cash. 

Nov 19th 1959 First (music) trip overseas. Brings Vivien to see Landsberg Air Force Base where he served with the US Air Force while in Germany.

1959-1960: W.S. Holland joins the group, initially for a short tour on the East Coast, where Johnny wanted a fuller sound in the bigger venues. He was to stay right up to the end. WS, or Fluke as he was known, had been Carl Perkins drummer, and had played on Carl’s hit, Blue Suede Shoes. First show in San Quentin is around this time, some accounts saying 1958, others 1959. Since he started in the business, Cash had been performing inside various prisons. The first San Quentin show finds 22-year old inmate Merle Haggard sitting in first row, convicted of aggravated robbery, after a tough and problematic upbringing. 

1960 Films 5 Minutes To Live. Friend, fishing buddy and confidant Johnny Horton dies in a traffic accident. His widow had been married at one time to Hank Williams. A strange coincidence is that both men played their last concert at the Skyline Club, Austin, Texas. The Tennessee 3 record an instrumental, Jerry & Nina’s Melody, in honour of his children. It is released in 1961.

Ride This train 

Now there was a Song 

1961 Saul Holiff takes over as mamager. Tara Cash born Aug 24th. Arrested for drunkeness in Nashville. In December, June Carter appears on show for first time, in Dallas, at the Big D Jamboree, when Holiff decides that a bigger show was needed. The Cash family move from Memphis to Casitas Springs, California.

The Lure of the Grand Canyon

Now Here’s Johnny Cash  SUN

The Sound of Johnny Cash 


A show at Carnegie Hall turns out to be a fiasco, with JC, whose voice was almost gone, taking on the persona of Jimmie Rogers. Between shows at the Mint Hotel, Las Vegas, the affair with June starts to get serious. After a show at the Hollywood when Vivien and the girls go to meet him, they see him driving away with June.

All Aboard the Blue Train  SUN

Hymns from the Heart 

March 25, 1963: A song based on a poem called Love’s Ring of Fire by Bob Johnston, "Ring Of Fire" (written by June Carter and Merle Kilgore) recorded in Nashville with mariachi-style trumpets, the idea for which had come to Johnny in a dream, and Carter Family on backing vocals; hits #1 C&W (for 7 weeks), It was Cash's first #1 in four years. June’s sister Anita recorded this in 1962. First wife Vivien Liberto questioned June’s part in writing this, saying that Johnny had admitted to her that he had written it, but had given June the credit to earn the much-needed royalties.. Quick sound-alike follow-up, "The Matador" hits #2 (for 2 weeks). 

Aug 1963 The Statler Brothers perform as support act at Richmond, Virginia.

The Best of Johnny Cash

The Christmas Spirit 

Blood, Sweat, and Tears 

March 1964 The Statlers audition at a show in Canton, Ohio, then join the Johnny Cash Show.

July, 1964: I Walk the Line, which includes 6 newly recorded Sun hits, enters C&W (#1 for 4 weeks) and pop album charts; his second RIAA gold album. Songs written with Native American laureate Peter LaFarge, including "The Ballad Of Ira Hayes," intensifies Cash connection to progressive faction of folk movement. Despite the Nashville establishment radio refusing to play The Ballad of Ira Hayes, it reached #3 in the charts. The Statler Bros had joined the show in March. 

Wide Open Road / Belshazzar SUN single

The Original Sun Sound of Johnny Cash 

I Walk the Line 

Bitter Tears: Ballads of the American Indian 

Bad News / The Ballad of Ira Hayes

1965: "Orange Blossom Special" (with Charlie McCoy, harmonica, and Boots Randolph, sax) enters C&W chart, hits #3, title tune single from LP that enters chart one month later, also hits #3, landmark fusion of C&W and folk, with "It Ain't Me Babe" and two more Dylan tunes. 

Oct 4th, arrested in El Paso, Texas bringing stimulants and tranquilizers from Mexico. Court case in Dec. Peter Le Farge (writer of Ballad of Ira Hayes) found dead. 

Orange Blossom Special 

Sings the Ballads of the True West

Everybody Loves a Nut 

Happiness Is You 

1966 June divorces Rip Nix. Vivien starts divorce proceedings. Finds property at Hendersonville. Arrested in Starkville, Mississippi. 

Carl Perkins (not related to Luther) joins the show.

Rock Island Line

1967 Recorded Jackson. Bought house on Old Hickory Lake. Jailed overnight in Lafayette, Georgia. Stays in new house on lake for a month, under supervision of Doctor Nat Winston, in an effort to overcome his addiction.

Carryin' On with June Carter

Greatest Hits Vol 1

1968:  January 13, Widely acclaimed concert inside California’s Folsom Prison, in front of 2000 convicts, is recorded by Columbia. Marries June Carter in Kentucky March 1st, after proposing to her onstage in London, Ontario. Best man was Merle Kilgore, co-writer of Ring of Fire.

In August, Luther Perkins dies in house fire, seemingly having fallen asleep on his sofa, while smoking. Earlier that afternoon, he had phoned Johnny asking him to come over and help with a TV aerial. The latter had refused, and there is a question over whether he felt guilt over the death of his friend. Luther had just recently bought the house on Old Hickory Lake. 

December 7, 1968: "Daddy Sang Bass," written by Carl Perkins, with Perkins on guitar, Statler Brothers and Carter Family on background vocals, hits #1 and stays at top for 6 weeks. The Holy Land From Sea to Shining Sea February 24, 1969: Another prison (San Quentin California) concert is recorded by Columbia, and also by Granada Television(England) 

Bob Wooten, who joined Johnny and WS on stage at a show in Fayetteville when Carl's plane was fogbound, ( when Bob's girlfriend told June that he could play just like Luther) has by now established himself as Luther’s replacement, although Carl Perkins is retained for his outstanding guitar skills, and also his friendship with Johnny. The question is often asked, but Carl and Luther were not related. 

Dec 68, Sioux benefit show in South Dakota.


Shows in Viet Nam. Johnny developed a fever and was given pills, causing a temporary relapse.

At Folsom Prison 

At San Quentin

From Sea to Shining Sea

Old Golden Throat

Heart of Cash 

Original Golden Hits Vol 1 SUN

Original Golden Hits Vol 2 SUN

Story Songs of Trains and Rivers SUN 

Get Rhythm SUN

Showtime SUN

The Sun albums were released by Shelby Singleton who had bought SUN Records, obviously in an attempt to cash in on Johnny’s incredible success at the time. He had produced the song "Rose Garden" and knew that the song was to be featured on the forthcoming Johnny Cash TV Show, which would guarantee huge sales of all Cash recordings.  In just a few months after the TV show aired, he had recouped his investment in SUN Records.The album Showtime was even post-dubbed with audience applause, presumably in an attempt to give the impression that it was connected to the very popular TV show.

July, 1969: "A Boy Named Sue" (written by Shel Silverstein) enters C&W chart, hits #1 (for 5 weeks), certified RIAA gold, chosen CMA Single Of the Year, from the San Quentin album, recorded in front of an audience of 1500 inmates. The album, which also included Bob Dylan's "Wanted Man," enters C&W and pop charts, hits #1 C&W (for 20 weeks) and spends 55 weeks in the charts; and #1 pop (for 4 weeks) and spends 70 weeks there; certified RIAA double-platinum, chosen CMA Album Of the Year and Cash named CMA Entertainer Of the Year. The amazing thing about A Boy Named Sue being such a success is that Shel had given it to Johnny the day before, in the form of a poem. The band had never heard it, and just adlibbed as Johnny went through it, making up the melody as he went along. 

The Johnny Cash Show had made it's debut on TV in June, running to September, then January ‘70 to May, and Sept 70 to March 1971.

There was also a show at the White House (Richard Nixon).

The Holy Land

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave  with Bob Dylan, unreleased at the time but doing the rounds now. Also appeared on Dylan’s Nashville Skyline.

March 11, 1970: "A Boy Named Sue" wins Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance, Male, (Shel Silverstein wins Best Country Song) and Johnny Cash wins Best Albums Notes (for Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline) at 12th annual awards. 

The Johnny Cash Show. 

September 5, 1970: "Sunday Morning Coming Down" (written by Kris Kristofferson), which describes an addict's turmoil, enters C&W chart, hits #1 (for 2 weeks), wins CMA Song of the Year for Kris. The actual recording was taken from the TV series. 

John Carter Cash born March 3rd. 

Plays White House. 

Hello, I’m Johnny Cash. 

The World of Johnny Cash.

Self Portrait.

The Singing Story Teller SUN

The Rough Cut King of Country Music SUN


Johnny and June go to Israel with a film crew of 30, to begin making “Gospel Road”.

March 27th. "Man In Black," with one verse referring to Vietnam, is first single produced by Johnny Cash (after two years with Johnston) enters C&W chart, hits #3. 

Carlene Carter m. Jack Routh.

Man in Black 

Greatest Hits Vol 2.

Little Fauss Big Halsy.

1972 Nashville premiere of Gospel Road. Lou Robin takes over as manager. Builds recording studio at House of Cash.

A Thing called Love 

America: A 200 Year Salute in Story and Song. 

The Johnny Cash Family Christmas

International Superstar.

The Johnny Cash Songbook.

Sunday Morning Coming Down.

1973  Buys Cinnamon Hill, Jamaica. Gospel Road film is completed.

The recording studio at House of Cash becomes one of the biggest and best in Nashville, and according to June Carter, was the only studio that had antique furniture.

Carl Perkins' brother Clayton, also a noted musician, dies.  

Parts company with Saul Holiff.

The Gospel Road 

PA Osteraker 

Any Old Wind That Blows.

Johnny Cash and his Woman.

The Sound behind Johnny Cash instrumentals by Tennessee Three

1974 Guest appearance on episode of Columbo (Swan Song) as wife murderer but good guy gospel singer, Tommy Brown. 

Ragged Old Flag 

Junkie and the Juicehead Minus Me 


His friend, and June's father, Ezra Carter dies. First autobiography Man in Black published. 

Gets involved with Victoria Station restaurant chain, via commercials and an album.

Tours Europe, Japan, and goes to Las Vegas.

The Johnny Cash Children’s Album 

John R Cash 

Look at the Beans 

Strawberry Cake 

Precious Memories 

June 12, 1976: One Piece At a Time by 'Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Three' enters C&W chart, hits #2 (for 2 weeks), his biggest album in four years, featuring title tune 'novelty' single which hits #1(for 2 weeks), and follow-up "Sold Out of Flagpoles" (#29). 

One Piece at a Time

A Concert behind Prison Walls. 

1977 Earl Poole Ball joins on Keyboards. JC is awarded Theology degree. Crusades with Billy Graham in Indiana. Ordained as Christian minister. JC Christmas Special stars Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins. 

Ever vigilant Marshall Grant, to his great dismay, recognises a noticeable change in JC.

Carlene Carter moves to London with Rodney Crowell, but soon after, m. Nick Lowe.

The Last Gunfighter Ballad 

The Rambler 

1978 Five nights with Billy Graham in Las Vegas. Unissued material released by Bear Records. Plays Prague with Rosanne. Mother Maybelle dies, Oct 23. Took entire staff to Israel.

At a half-hearted recording session, records The Gambler. Has argument with producer Larry Butler, who subsequently passes the song to Kenny Rogers.

I would Like to See You Again 

Gone Girl

The Unissued Johnny Cash.

Johnny & June.

Greatest Hits Vol 3. 

1979 British tour in March. Johnny Cash museum opened. 

Renews marriage vows in Jamaica. Denies drug and marriage problems. 

Records in London with Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello.  Sara Carter, of the original Carter Family, RIP Jan 8th. 

Fires the Carter Sisters.

Roseanne m. Rodney Crowell.

A Believer sings the Truth Cachet

Tall Man. 

1980 Marshall Grant is fired after on-going feuding between himself and JC. Many years later, they make up, and appear on stage together one last time. Concerts in Los Angeles cancelled due to illness. Inducted into Country Music Hall of Fame. 


Rockabilly Blues 

Sings with the BC Goodpasture Christian School 

Classic Christmas 

1981 Stuttgart concert with Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins is recorded as the Survivors. Tours Australia. Marshall Grant sues for $2.6 million. Ribs broken by ostrich attack at his private zoo. 

Family held at gunpoint in raid on Cinnamon Hill. 

Undergoes eye surgery. The prescribed painkillers trigger a relapse. 

The Baron


1982 Part of Gallatin Road is renamed Johnny Cash parkway. In April, hosts Saturday Night Live. Starts filming Murder in Coweta County. 

The Adventures of Johnny Cash 

Koncert V Prague (in Prague-Live)

The Survivors live. 

Johnny Cash A 3 record set from Time-Life 

1983 Attack of the ostrich! In hospital with compressed vertebrae, broken ribs, and wounds requiring surgery. Bad cut to hand when in England. Back in hospital in Nashville with bleeding duodenal ulcer. More painkillers leading to yet another relapse. Agrees to stay at Betty Ford Center after family intervention. Not a good year overall! 

August: John Carter Cash almost drowns on a fishing trip in Alaska.

End of ’83 Russian tour cancelled. Russian fighter jets had shot down a Korean passenger jet, on board were June’s doctor and his wife.

The 1983 Christmas Special took place at the Carter Fold.

I Believe

Johnny 99. 

Dec 84, armed robbery at Cinnamon Hill.

Biggest Hits.

1985 Surgery on abdominal scar tissue. Australia tour. Filmed Last Days of Frank and Jesse James.  December 23rd Ray Cash RIP. 

Performs at Carling Country Music Festival in Cork (that's Ireland, by the way). Films Christmas Special in Montreux, Switzerland with what would become the Highwaymen. When asked why Montreux, Waylon famously replied "Cos that's where baby Jesus was born". 

Chicken in Black, no more about this. 

Highwayman. CBS

Rainbow,   CBS

1986 Films Stagecoach. Published Man in White. Signs with Polygram and records on their label, Mercury. 

Heroes. End of an era, last album for Columbia.

Believe in Him. Word

Class of '55. Mercury

1987 Developed irregular heartbeat at concert in Iowa, show had to be cut short due to ill health. 

Performs in Poland as part of short European tour.

Takes part in the Freedom Train, a series of fundraising rallies and shows.. 

Johnny Cash is Coming to Town.

Columbia Records 1958-1986

1988 Rosanne has hit with Tennessee Flat Top Box. She apparently did not know who had written the song until afterwards, thinking the song was public domain. March, Johnny Cash exhibit opened at Country Music Hall of Fame. 

Takes part in the “Affordable Art Tour” a planned series of low cost shows.

European tour April/May. 

December, double bypass surgery, and pneumonia.  

Marty and Cindy divorce.

Classic Cash Hall of Fame Series 

Water From The Wells of Home

1989 In Ireland meets long-time fan who later forms tribute band Strictly Cash. Chest problems in Paris. Shows cancelled due to ill health. Enters drug treatment center in December for two weeks as a precaution against possible relapse . 

1990 Has tooth removed which later causes cyst problem. Highwaymen tour in March, and again in Sept/Oct.

Boom Chicka Boom 

Highwayman 2.

The Man in Black 1954-1958

1991 March 11 Carrie Cash RIP. 

Highwaymen tour Australia and New Zealand. Presented with the Living Legend Award.

Johnny Cash Country Christmas 

The Mystery of Life

The Man in Black 1959-1962

Johnny Cash: Patriot.

Come Along and Ride this Train. 

1992 Inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of fame. The only person to be in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, Country Music Hall of Fame, and Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Highwaymen tour Scandinavia and Europe. 

Return to the Promised Land.

The Essential Johnny Cash 1955-1983

1993 During a series of concerts in Ireland, records The Wanderer in Dublin for U2's album Zooropa. Feb 27 meets Rick Rubin and does first  American recordings in May. July 8th Roy Cash Snr RIP.  

December:  plays Johnny Depp's Viper Room. 

1994 Back in Australia and New Zealand, with Kris Kristofferson. 

Makes video for Delia's Gone, with Kate Moss, then girlfriend of Johnny Depp. 

American Recordings released in April. Performs at Glastonbury. 

JC and Marshall Grant make up.

Star of Homecoming Show at Kingsland, Arkansas.

American Recordings 

Wanted Man.

1995 American Recordings wins Grammy for best Folk(!) album. 

Cancels European tour for health reasons. Highwayman tour. European tour. 

Highwaymen tour New Zealand and Austraila again(!) and also far East. 

John Carter Cash marries model Mary Ann Joska.

House of Cash closes.

The Man in Black 1963-1969  box set

The Road Goes on Forever   Highwaymen



1997 Suffers a  weakness in New York.

In october, pneumonia and blood poisoning…..on life support for 10 days.

Announces retirement plans to band. Final concert in Flint, Michican. Enters hospital for tests

1998  Carl Perkins RIP.   

Helen Carter RIP.

Unchained wins Grammy for best country album. 

August, hospital for 4 days. 

VH1 Storytellers: with Willie Nelson

1999 Lifetime Achievement Award at Grammies. 

All-Star JC tribute in New York. 

Anita Carter, June's sister and ex-wife of Bob Wooten, RIP. 

October, hospital with pneumonia. 

The Man in Black: His Greatest Hits.

16 Biggest Hits.


Feb: June wins Grammy for best traditional folk recording.

July: John Carter Cash marries musician Laura Weber.

Love, God, Murder. 

American 111 Solitary Man 

2001 Hospital again with pneumonia…..coma for 8 days.

Chet Atkins RIP.

2002 Waylon RIP. Hurt video shot in Hendersonville. 

The Essential Johnny Cash.

American 1V The Man Comes Around.

At Madison Square Garden.  recorded in '69 but released in '02

2003 Jan/March hospital 3 times. 

Louise Cash RIP. Final song Engine 143 recorded at Cash Cabin Studio. September, hopsital. September 11 returns home. 

May 15, 2003: June Carter Cash RIP. 

September 12th   J R Cash, the Man in Black, RIP. We still miss someone. 

Sept 15th Funeral at First Baptist Church, Hendersonville. November 10th. Tribute concert at Ryman. 

Unearthed 5 CD set released.  


My Mothers Hymn Book 


Live From Austin, Texas. Recorded January ’87

The Legend of Johnny Cash.

The Legend   box set


America V: A Hundred Highways 

Personal File

The Legend of Johnny Cash  Vol 2.

June Carter and Johnny Cash: Duets. 


The Great Lost Performance recorded at Asbury Park, New Jersey, July 1990 


Johnny Cash’s America 


American V1: Ain’t No Grave 


Bootleg 3   Live around the World. 


Bootleg 1V   The Soul of Truth.


Out Among the Stars

(Some of ) THE SINGLES

1955 Hey Porter/Cry! Cry! Cry! 

1956 Folsom Prison Blues/So Doggone Lonesome 

1956 I Walk the Line/Get Rhythm 

1956 There You Go/Train of Love 

1957 Next in Line/Don't make Me Go 

1957 Home of the Blues/Give My Love to Rose 

1958 Ballad of a Teenage Queen/Big River 

1958 Guess Things Happen That Way/Come in Stranger 

1958 The Ways of a Woman in Love/Nearest Thing to Heaven 

1958 All Over Again/What Do I Care 

1959 Don't Take Your Guns to Town/I Still Miss Someone It's Just About Time Luther Played the Boogie Thanks a Lot 

1959 Frankie's Man, Johnny/You Dreamer You Katy Too 

1959 I Got Stripes/Five Feet High and Rising Goodbye Little Darlin 

1959 Little Drummer Boy Straight A's in Love I Love You Because 

1960 Seasons of My Heart/Smiling Bill McCall The Story of a Broken Heart Down the Street to 301 

1960 Second Honeymoon Mean Eyed Cat Oh Lonesome Me 

1961 The Rebel - Johnny Yuma/40 Shades of Green 

1961 Tennessee Flat Top Box 

1962 The Big Battle 

1962 In the Jailhouse Now 

1962 Bonanza 

1963 Busted (w/ The Carter Family) 

1963 Ring of Fire 

1963 The Matador 

1964 Understand Your Man/Dark as a Dungeon 

1964 The Ballad of Ira Hayes/Bad News

1964 It Ain't Me, Babe (w/ June Carter Cash) 

1965 Orange Blossom Special 

1965 The Streets of Laredo/Mister Garfield 

1965 The Sons of Katie Elder 

1965 Pickin’ Time/Happy to Be with You 

1966 The One on the Right Is on the Left 

1966 Everybody Loves a Nut 

1966 Boa Constrictor 

1967 You Beat All I Ever Saw 

1967 Jackson (w/ June Carter Cash) 

1967 Long-Legged Guitar Pickin' Man (w/ June Carter Cash) 

1967 Red Velvet/The Wind Changes 

1968 Rosanna's Going Wild 

1968 Folsom Prison Blues(re-release) 

1968 Daddy Sang Bass 

1969 A Boy Named Sue/San Quentin Get Rhythm (re-release) 

1969 Blistered/See Ruby Fall 

1970 If I Were a Carpenter (w/ June Carter Cash) Rock Island Line (Sun Re-release) 

1970 What Is Truth 

1970 Sunday Morning Coming Down 

1970 Flesh and Blood  Big River 

1971 Man in Black/Little Bit of Yesterday 

1971 Singin' in Vietnam Talkin' Blues 

1971 No Need to Worry (w/ June Carter Cash) 

1971 Papa Was a Good Man 

1972 A Thing Called Love 

1972 Kate 

1972 If I Had a Hammer 

1972 Oney 

1973 Any Old Wind That Blows 

1973 The Loving Gift (w/ June Carter Cash) 

1973 Children 

1973 Allegheny(w/ June Carter Cash) 

1974 Orleans Parish Prison 

1974 Ragged Old Flag 

1974 The Junkie and the Juicehead, Minus Me 

1974 Father and Daughter (Father and Son) (w/ Rosey Nix) 

1975 Lady Came from Baltimore 

1975 My Old Kentucky Home (Turpentine and Dandelion Wine)

1975 Look at Them Beans 

1976 Texas - 1947 

1976 Strawberry Cake (Live) 

1976 One Piece at a Time 

1976 Sold Out of Flagpoles 

1976 It's All Over 

1976 Far Side banks of Jordan/Old Time Feeling"(w/ June Carter Cash) 

1977 The Last Gunfighter Ballad 

1977 Lady 

1977 After the Ball 

1978 I Would Like to See You Again 

1978 There Ain't No Good Chain Gang/ I Wish I Was Crazy Again 

1978 Gone Girl 

1978 It'll Be Her 

1978 I Will Rock and Roll with You 

1979 (Ghost) Riders in the Sky 

1979 I'll Say It's True Wings in the Morning 

1980 Bull Rider 

1980 Song of the Patriot 

1980 Cold Lonesome Morning 

1981 Last Time 

1981 Without Love 

1981 The Baron 

1982 Mobile Boy 

1982 The Reverend Mr. Black/Chattanooga City Limit Sign The General Lee 

1982 Georgia on a Fast Train 

1983 Fair Weather Friends 

1983 We Must Believe in Magic 

1983 I'm Ragged But I'm Right 

1984 Johnny 99 

1984 That's the Truth 

1984 Chicken in Black / They Killed Him 

1985 I'm Leaving Now 

1986 Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (w/ Waylon Jennings) 

1986 The Ballad of Forty Dollars(w/ Waylon Jennings) 

1987 The Night Hank Williams Came to Town 

1988 Sixteen Tons 

1988 Ballad of a Teenage Queen (w/ Rosanne Cash and The Everly Brothers)/ Get Rhythm (re-release) Let Him Roll W. Lee O'Daniel (And the Light Crust Doughboys) 

1989 That Old Wheel (w/ Hank Williams Jr.) Farmer's Almanac Cat's in the Cradle Goin' by the Book 

1991 The Mystery of Life     Delia's Gone      Rusty Cage       I've Been Everywhere     The Man Comes Around     Hurt    God's Gonna Cut You Down     Help Me     Ain't No Grave     Redemption Day