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Our Story

We are a 5-piece tribute band, respectfully recreating the sound of Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Three...and June Carter. Our email is strictlycashband@gmail.com



2019:  Sold-out shows again on Spike Prison Island, Cork Harbour.

2018: 3 sold-out shows on Spike Prison Island, in Cork Harbour.  

In September, Strictly Cash headlined the 1st European Johnny Cash Festival, in Austria.

June. performing at Landsberg Air Base, Germany.

2017: Performing with Tommy Cash at Bon Aqua, Tennessee.

Performing at Carter Fold, Virginia.


Our Influences

The songs of Johnny Cash, from Hey Porter in 1955 to 2003's Hurt, and more. The Johnny Cash Show on TV 1969/70.  40 Shades of Green.

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